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OpenOR™ Lite image documentation and consultation

Simplicity. Safety. Lean.

Would you like to transfer images and videos from your current endoscopes to your patient data systems in a simple and lean way?

What if you could quickly and easily get a 2nd opinion from another surgeon and improve patient safety?

OpenOR™ Lite is a revolutionary, vendor-independent system that helps you manage and archive images and video from different types of camera sources with a single user interface.

Using one documentation system for different imaging devices enables smooth procedures, cost savings and, most important of all, improved patient safety.

OpenOR™ Lite is particularly suitable for mobile use. It can act as a recording system for any vendor’s camera device, such as endoscopes, microscopes, C‑arms and ultrasounds. Therefore its is not only suitable for the operating theatre; it can also be used to archive images or video taken during examinations. By integrating the system to your PACS and HIS you are able to save a lot of valuable time and to keep track of patient data (optional feature).

Moreover, the remote consultation option enables you to optimize your resources – whether the team needs to consult an external surgeon or you wish to run training classes with video streaming from the OR.

Product CodeOpenOR™ Lite

Vendor-independent – adapts to the tools you are using

  • Vendor-independent, connects to several devices
  • Intuitive and streamlined interface in the user’s own language – anyone can use it!

Helps improve patient safety

  • Integrated surgical check list
  • Real-time consultation

Makes your procedures more LEAN

  • Integration with hospital data/PACS/HIS systems for direct transfer of surgical images and data
  • Optimizing the use of surgical consultants through real-time consultation

OpenOR Lite includes:

  • Image and video documentation, vendor-independent
  • Touch-screen monitor with an intuitive user interface

As optional choices:

  • PACS integration
  • Patient data system integration
  • Real-time consultation & audio
  • Surgical safety check list

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