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Stirrups system 12583

Stirrups system, pair 12583.

Allows direct placement with siderail clamps and light weight molded boots which are lined with a durable, soft pad for optimum patient comfort and protection. Each stirrup joint has lithotomy degree indicators. Rotates 360 degrees. Clamps 11043 (2 pcs) are needed for fixing.

Stirrups clamps 1000 11043, 1 pc.

Stirrups clamps for US-rail, 1000 11043U, 1 pc.

Length410 mm
Height1040 mm
Max. patient weight225 kg
Safe working load (SWL)29 kg
Weight5.6 kg
Product Code110583, 100012583

Order no.

110583 Stirrups, pair, incl. clamps 11043 for EUR, US or UK
- Configurations EUR, US and UK
100 012 583 Stirrups system 12583, pair
100 011 043 Stirrup clamp (1 pc)
100 011 043U Stirrup clamp for US-rail (1 pc)

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