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Stirrups Great White Platinum

The Great White Platinum Stirrups for patient positioning for a wide range of gynecologic, urologic and laparoscopic procedures. 

The Great White Platinum Stirrups increase surgeons’ operating room performance by permitting simple adjustment of lithotomy and abduction intra-operatively.

A simple squeeze of the Trigger-Grip trigger provides complete control of lithotomy and abduction/adduction without compromising the sterile field. Simply release the trigger to securely lock the stirrup in all directions

Order information

110280 Great White Platinum Stirrups, pair incl. clamps for EUR, US or UK
100012800  Great White Platinum Stirrups
100012801  Clamp US, 1 pc 
100012802  Clamp UK, 1 pc 
100012803  Clamp EU, 1 pc 



Product Code110280, 100012800
  • 270 kg patient weight capacity
  • Reduces the risk of superficial nerve injury by throughout free-floating boot
  • Dual-control handle; range of motion lithotomy -35° to 90°, adduction -9° – abduction 25°
  • Lithotomy and length indicators help to position and reposition the legs
  • Providing safe, comfortable and secure patient positioning by deluxe boot stirrup liners wrap around the foot, ankle and calf 

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