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New Manufacturer Lojer

The manufacturer of this product is hospital equipment manufacturer Lojer Corp. from Finland.
Read more about Lojer Corp. acquisition of Merivaara Corp.’s hospital bed business operations.

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Delivery bed Optima

Labour, delivery and recovery bed – ergonomic, mobile and safe

The renewed Optima labour, delivery and recovery bed has been designed with the mother, midwife and obstetrician in mind. We have focused particularly on ergonomics, safety and mobility to help create a better environment for the mother, newborn and nursing staff.

Optima 4-motor model

Optima 4-motor is the most advanced model offering several electric adjustments for better ergonomics as well as safety features. This model has leg section with height adjustment and tilting. These features provides enhanced possibilities to use various positions during labour. 

Optima 2-motor model

Optima 2-motor is quite similar to the 4-motor model, but adjustments for Trendelenburg and leg section are manual in this model. The leg section moves manually in/out under the seat section, but doesn’t feature height adjustment or tilting. Otherwise it's as ergonomic and safe as the 4-motor model.

Optima hydraulic model

Optima hydraulic is designed to ensure the best possible usage for the product without the need for electricity power supply. All adjustments in this model are manual. The height of the bed can be adjusted with a hydraulic pedal, the back section adjustment is gas-spring assisted, and the leg section slides manually in and out, just like in the other models.

Length range1320 - 2010 mm1650 - 2210 mm1520 - 2110 mm
Height adjustment590 - 955 mm580 - 955 mm570 - 935 mm
Max. patient weight190 kg190 kg190 kg
Safe working load (SWL)230 kg230 kg230 kg
Trendelenburg12 °12 °12 °
Back section adjustment0 - 70 °0 - 75 °0 - 60 °
Castors size150150150
Mattress base (sections, pcs)333
Mattress base (width)780 mm780 mm780 mm
Weight118 kg165 kg114 kg
Product Code100000009, 100000011, 100000012100000009, 100000011, 100000012100000009, 100000011, 100000012


  • Suitable for all stages of labour, also when special medical attention is required
  • Multiple delivery positions in a single unit affords a greater level of comfort for the mother
  • The midwife can easily access the mother from different positions thus improving ergonomics and safety
  • Antibacterial coating to reduce microbial growth 
  • Easy-to-clean structure
  • Electricity-powered and quick-release Trendelenburg for enhanced safety
  • Can also be used for both recovery and transportation within the hospital
  • Easy to get in and out thanks to low minimum height
  • Four castors of 360 degrees rotation with central locking mechanism
  • Mattress dimensions (4-motor model): Back and seat section 1290 mm x 755 mm x 100 mm (l x w x h) and leg section 705/555 mm x 735 mm x 100 mm (l x w x h). Please note the form of the mattresses.
  • Mattress dimensions (2-motor and hydraulic models): Back section 1290 mm x 755 mm x 100 mm (l x w x h) and leg section 805 mm x 700 mm x 190 mm (l x w x h). Please note the form of the mattresses.
  • Mattresses are covered with PU-coated hygienic PA-fabric, interiors being foam (50 kg/m3).


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