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Operating table Rapido for day surgery

All-in-one table for day surgery

Rapido is an all-in-one hydraulic day surgery table for preinduction, transport, operation and recovery. Its variety of features makes it the ideal solution for busy day surgery needs. Rapido enables expedient operating room transfers in the day surgery ward which leads to more efficient use of operating room time crucial in efficient outpatient surgery.

Operating table Rapido Eye-ENT

Rapido Eye-ENT operating table is specially designed for ophthalmic and ENT surgery. Its shaped upper back section and special head rest offer ergonomic and unlimited access to the patient’s head.

In this model, all table top adjustments, such as hydraulic height, Trendelenburg and leg section adjustments are located in the foot end of the table, out of the surgeon’s way. Adjustment of the back and head sections – the ones the surgeon needs during the procedure-are conveniently controlled from the head end of the table.

Operating table Rapido Upper Body

Rapido Upper Body operating table is specially designed for various types of surgeries on the upper body, including head.

In this model, all table top adjustments, are similar as in the Eye-ENT model, and there is a lot of space that enable the surgeon to come close to the patient.

TitleBasicEye-ENTUpper Body
Length2050 mm2115 mm2185 mm
Width (table top)654 mm654 mm654 mm
Width (base)630 mm630 mm630 mm
Height adjustment650 - 1020 mm650 - 1020 mm650 - 1020 mm
Safe working load (SWL)160 kg160 kg160 kg
Trendelenburg-25 °-25 °-25 °
Reverse Trendelenburg+18 °+18 °+18 °
Head rest adjustment-45 - +25 °-60 - +50 °-45 - +25 °
Back section adjustment-4 - +70 °-4 - +70 °-4 - +70 °
Leg section adjustment-90 - +4 °-90 - +4 °-90 - +4 °
Castors size150150150
Castor type (antistatic, locking)antistaticantistaticantistatic
Mattress base (sections, pcs)555
Mattress base (width)600 mm600 mm600 mm
Weight125 kg125 kg125 kg
Lateral tilt-15 - +15 °0 - 0 °0 - 0 °
Max. lifting capacity250 kg250 kg250 kg
Product Code100001860, 100001865100001860, 100001865100001860, 100001865

Rapido features:

  • Dedicated Day-Surgery table
  • Cost effective: 1 product, several applications: bed, trolley, operating table, examination table
  • Easy to service
  • Easy to clean and to operate
  • Exceptionally low minimum height
  • Base frame of epoxy coated steel
  • Casings of chock-resistant ABS-plastics
  • Swiveling antistatic twin-castors ⌀ 150
  • Central locking pedal on each castor (locks all castors simultaneously)
  • Robust and stable column system
  • Table top of 4–5 sections (Head section included)
  • Top plates are X-ray translucent high pressure laminate
  • X-ray cassette rails along the full length
  • Soft antistatic, 70 mm separate mattress set fixed to the table with velcro fitting
  • Swing-down side rails

RAPIDO Eye-ENT features: 

  • Specialized application for Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery
  • Easy access to the head area
  • Exceptionally low minimum height

RAPIDO Upper Body features:

  • Specialized application for various surgical procedures on the upper body
  • Easy access to the upper body area
  • Exceptionally low minimum height


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