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New era in surgical lights

Merivaara Q-Flow™ surgical light improves the working environment in operating rooms as well as offers a new way to reduce the risk of infections.

Designed and manufactured in Finland, Q-Flow™ is the light of choice for any surgical team.

Optimised for the operating room air flow

Q-Flow™ is the intelligent solution for any operating theatre. The design is optimised for the operating room air flow, because it decreases the air flow circulation in the operating area, thus reducing the potential for contamination. The standard turbulence intensity should be below 37.5 % but the Q-Flow boasts 15.9 % according to the DIN 1946-4:2008 standard.

Superb colour rendering

The light gives superb colour rendering (Ra 98), particularly in red and skin shades, which make the product perfect for a variety of surgeries such as internal or plastic surgery. R9 and R13 values are the best in their classes (R9 98, R13 98).

Intuitive Sterile Surgeon Control (Intueri™)

Intuitive Sterile Surgeon Control (Intueri™) makes surgical operations safer and the OR environment more ergonomic for surgeons. The user interface design is simplicity itself – anyone can use it.

Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™)

Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™) of Q-Flow™ automatically adapts to the shadows in the light field.

Green ambilite

Q-Flow™ has excellent illumination properties, providing a deep column of light – not forgetting green ambilite, delivering consistent light for seeing images and reading monitors.

Full HD Camera

Q-Flow™ system with Full HD Camera provides excellent video stream quality. Integrated camera is controlled via same intuitive user interface as the light itself. Wireless transmission enables live video feed to external monitors e.g. in training or consulting.

Superior lighting where you need it

Q-Flow™ Mobile is an intelligent and easily maneuverable solution for any operating room. Integrated battery and functional design provide outstanding flexibility. 

RedDot 2017 Winner &
Fennia Prize 2017 Grand Prix Winner

TitleQ-Flow 4Q-Flow 4iQ-Flow 6Q-Flow 6i
Primary voltage100 - 240 V100 - 240 V100 - 240 V100 - 240 V
Secondary voltage24 V24 V24 V24 V
Illumination intensity Ec at 1m distance140000 lx140000 lx160000 lx160000 lx
Depth of illumination, @ 20%1500 mm1500 mm1800 mm1800 mm
Depth of illumination, @ 60%690 mm690 mm1200 mm1200 mm
Colour temperature3700/4400/5100 K3700/4400/5100 K3700/4400/5100 K3700/4400/5100 K
Light field200 - 320 mm200 - 320 mm200 - 370 mm200 - 370 mm
Light field diameter, value d10270 mm270 mm330 mm330 mm
Light field diameter, value d50150 mm150 mm190 mm190 mm
Working distance650 - 1700 mm650 - 1700 mm700 - 1800 mm700 - 1800 mm
Colour rendering index (Ra)98989898
Red colour rendering index (R9)98989898
Number of LEDs69699090
Average life time of LED>50 000 h>50 000 h>50 000 h>50 000 h
Size of light head560 mm560 mm700 mm700 mm
Weight of luminaire13 kg13 kg16 kg16 kg
Skin colour rendering index (R13)98 98 98 98
Integrated dimming (%)10 - 100 %10 - 100 %10 - 100 %10 - 100 %
Turbulence intensity, DIN 1946 (%)35 %35 %15.9 %15.9 %
Power consumption (W)60 60 100 100
Product Code520210, 520220, 520222, 520230520210, 520220, 520222, 520230520210, 520220, 520222, 520230520210, 520220, 520222, 520230

Q-Flow™ surgical light features in a nutshell:

  • Optimised for an OR’s air flow (Q-OptiFlow™)
  • Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™)
  • Intuitive Sterile Surgeon Control (Intueri™)
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • Green ambilite
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Deep column of light
  • Wireless full HD Camera

Surgical light Q-Flow™ can be controlled through OpenOR integrated operating room management system and/or through multifunctional remote control Merimote™.

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