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Orthopedic extension device Flexion

Flexibility in orthopedic surgery set-ups

While designing Flexion orthopedic extension device patient safety and work ergonomics have especially been taken into account. Light weight leg plates can be used together or separately while making set-ups. Both legs can be supported which prevents possible additional damage and injury.

While making set-up both legs can be placed on light weight leg plates, so health care staff don't need to hold them. This improves work ergonomics. In addition, Flexion orthopedic extension device is very easy and light weight to use.

Product Code100519450, 100519400

Features in a nutshell

  • Single system for several fields of orthopaedics; e.g. hip arthroscopy and lower extremity procedures
  • Flexible patient positioning
  • Intuitive one-hand adjustment for adduct / abduct and flex / extend
  • Quick latching system – ready to use straight away
  • Excellent C-arm access for imaging during surgery
  • X-ray translucent light weight leg plates
  • Modular system that can easily be upgraded to different applications with additional components
  • Viscoelastic mattresses prevent pressure ulcers, which improves patient safety
  • Buttocks support improves pelvic stability during operations when needed
  • Different accessories with rail attachment can be used together with Flexion
  • The trolley for orthopedic extension device Flexion is ergonomic and easy to use. It increases safety for the OR staff during set-up. It has two main purposes:
    • Storage for Flexion and accessories when not in use
    • Docking device to connect Flexion to the operating table
  • Design patented in USA, Design Patent No. U.S. D780,929S

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