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Merimote remote control for wall control

Multifunctional, touch-screen remote control for Q-Flow surgical lights and cameras wall control

Merimote™ is a multifunctional remote control for Q-Flow surgical lights and cameras. With its intuitive touch screen Merimote™ guides the user to get full advantage of the working environment.

Operating room staff can control surgical lights and cameras outside the sterile operating area without disturbing the operators.

Merimote benefits for the user

  • Similar easy-to-use user interface as with Q-Flow
  • Allows control of Q-Flow and it's camera outside the sterile area
  • Wireless controls - no preinstallation required
  • Possibility to control several lamp heads in the same operating room in a synchronized way
  • Comfortable to use


Available for global deliveries.


5122691 Mounting kit for Merimote, wall model (excluding Merimote)
5202691 Merimote remote control for Q-Flow wall control SET
including Merimote remote control unit and Mounting kit for Merimote
Product Code5122691, 5202691

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