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It all started in 1901

At the beginning of the previous century two blacksmiths started to manufacture iron bed frames in a stone built shed in Helsinki. A new company was registered on 8 November 1901 under the name “Helsingin Uusi Rautasänkytehdas, Polsa & Sjöstedt”, that was later changed to Merivaara.

Bed frames were the first product of the forge. As the quality of workmanship was regarded highly, a client base was soon established and grew, and the factory was expanded. The production of hospital furniture began in 1910 with the completion of the first operating tables.

In the first few years, in addition to the ornate iron bedframes there were other items in production as well, such as strongboxes, agricultural machinery, refrigerators and the Aimo wood gasifiers of the Depression. In the 1930s Merivaara was a significant manufacturer of functionalist furniture for public spaces and private homes.

From iron bed frames to modern operating tables

After the death of the founder of the company, Juho Merivaara, in 1938 the shareholder base was expanded. The leading medical device supplier at the time, Instrumentarium, first acquired a majority holding and ten years later a merger took place. Under the new ownership Merivaara was able to continue its development into the leading Finnish medical furniture supplier it is today, adhering to the strict quality standards for medical equipment.

In a modern piece of medical furniture, high technical quality and design meet features that facilitate the medical work and maximise comfort for the patient. The furniture also has to be economical in use. Merivaara products are designed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals. Good ergonomics and patient safety are the cornerstones of Merivaara product design.

Merivaara products represent the best in Finnish expertise. The know-how accumulated since 1901 is a guarantee of products that are both functional and safe. New products are developed with the proficiency of the leader of the Nordic markets. Our manufacturing process is based on up-to-date techniques and ERP systems. This is how we ensure that all our products fulfil the stringent medical requirements in terms of hygiene, safety and durability.

Collaborating in health care development

Merivaara has taken part in the development of health care and nursing for over a century. The secret of our longevity has been our ability to adapt to the changing times and circumstances. The advances in medicine have been enormous over the past century, and the requirements put on the medical devices and furniture have increased at the same pace.

With the advanced technology, the work in health care may become more effective, patient flow can be optimised and patient safety improved. For example, the use of telecommunications even facilitates health care remotely. Utilising new technology Merivaara is now able to provide, among others, ultra modern solutions for integrating and streamlining operating room management.

The aging population and requirements in terms of the economic efficiency and ease-of-use of the products provide a great challenge for the modern supplier of the health technology.

Merivaara continues to be at the cutting edge and will remain so in future. Active product development, affordable quality and client-centric operations remain key factors, as Merivaara focuses on providing solutions that enable efficient physical patient flow and a better working environment for both patients and their caregivers.

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