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Foot control pedal Hand control for Practico Hand control for Promerix operating table Merimoteā„¢ hand control for surgical equipment Beach Chair Shoulder System Carbon fibre back section 60502 DORO® Aluminium Headrest System DORO® Radiolucent Headrest System Head rest with double articulation Head rest 141, wide Head rest 142, narrow Head rest for Neurosurgery 144 Head rest 18101 Head rest 60140 Head rest for "Beach Chair" back rest Head rest for ENT Head rest for kidney and thorax procedures Head rest for ophthalmology & ENT Head rest for opthalmology Head rest Helmet type Gynaecologic/ urologic extension for Rapido Divided leg section 18261 Divided leg section 30248 Divided leg section 60475 Divided leg section 60480 Divided leg section 60484 Leg holder 12551 Leg plates Leg rests 20118 Leg rest 19120 Foot rest and table extension 20114 Light foot rest 18001 Light foot rest 60201 Traction boot for Flexion, children size Traction boots for children 19131 Leg rests, powered Knee-Chest device 60600 Knee crutches 11181 Thigh holder 12012 Stirrups system 12581 Stirrups system 12583 Stirrups Great White Platinum Carbon fibre arm rest Arm rest 125 Arm rest 151 for ophtalmology Arm rest 19180 Arm rest with ball joint 19185 Easy arm board 11801 Lateral arm board 11802 Weightless Shoulder Suspension System Orthopedic extension device 19300 Proctology accessory 30154 Prepper 12552 Carpa table Arm operating table 10390 Arm and hand table 11911 Arthroscopic leg holder Arthroscopic stress post Total knee stabilizer Spine Frame Leg-, arm protector 60485 Leg and body strap 10886 Short support arm 19313 Shoulder braces 11295 Shoulder supports 19129 Trolley for orthopaedic extension device Flexion Calf support 19126 Knee support 138 Knee support 19124 Knee support with carbon fibre bar and mattress Patient restraint strap 11081 Wrist straps 107 Femoral counter traction post 19112 Lateral brace 11651 Lateral brace 11652 Side support 120 Supporting Roll, vertical 10368 Supporting Roll, horizontal 10369 Support belt 20127 Anaesthesia screen 111 Infusion rod 749 Infusion rod holder 18578 Flexible anaesthesia screen 11001 Humerus traction device Accessory rail extension Side rails 18173/18174 Accessory clamp 10301 Rail clamp 11043 Clamp for extension bar 19134 Clamp for the extension bar Clamp, radial clamp 10308 Clamp, universal clamp Clamp, radial universal clamp 10300 Stirrup clamp 19114 Bowl 4l Bowl 6 l Bowl 6l Bowl 6l without attachment Bowl 6l, for Promerix Supporting post for plaster cast 19132 Paper roll holder 18572 X-ray cassette tray Back and kidney elevator Transfer mattress 19400 Screen 18159 Utility basket 18183 Table width extender Push bar to the OP-table head end Gel pad patient positioner 66096 Gel pad Open head ring Gel pad Crutch stirrup pads Gel pad contoured headrest Gel pad Head pad Gel pad Closed head ring Gel pad Chest roll Gel pad Table pads Gel pad Prone headrest Gel pad for arm board D-shaped pillow Oxygen bottle holder 18189 Divided leg section double joint short Light leg section for non-motorized legs Light leg section for motorized legs Pediatric section 60506 Accessory rails for divided leg sections Accessory stand 19220 Accessory stand 19285 Knee crutch 19118, model Göpel Mattress set for spinal prone position Adapter 60146 Push bars to foot end 18168 Side rails for Optima delivery bed Storage 383 Squatting bar A42749500 Foot switch for Optima delivery bed, 4-motor model Foot rests Arm rest 127 Attendant control panel ACO Hygienic mattress for baby crib Knee crutches Patient control panel and under bed light, 4-motor model (no reading light) Patient control panel, reading light and under bed light, 4-motor model Fixed, foldable infusion rod for subframe Infusion rod holder 5785 Patient restraining straps Side rails 6713 Wire basket under back section 582 Wire basket under foot section 583 Oxygen bottle holder Long push bars, detachable (pair) 6770 Paper roll holder 733 Mattresses for trolley Emergo Trolley end 567 Push bar, foldable Accessories basket Holder for a disinfectant bottle Keyboard and mouse tray LCD bracket LCD swivel arm MS LCD swivel arm MSH Tablet bracket Binder mounts Step 446 Ward screen 442 Knee support 428 Battery Oxygen bottle holder 5 kg Removable bed end Foot switch Lifting pole Lifting pole 772 Lifting pole 776 Accessory rail 701 Monitor tray 9769 Infusion rod 444 Infusion rod 499 Grab handle Attendant control panel for 2-sectional bed (ACO) Attendant control panel for 3-sectional bed (ACO) Basic bed end Patient control panel 2-section, reading light and under bed light Patient control panel 3-section, reading light and under bed light Journal basket 9784 Ergonomic ¾ side rails Foldable, 1-sectional side rails for Carena hospital bed Foldable, 1-sectional side rails for Futura Plus hospital bed Foldable bed end Infusion bag holder for lifting pole 713 Infusion rod, adjustable model 708 Urine bottle holder 9790 Urine bag holder 799 Euro rail NTE Eurorail pair for treatment trolley frame Oxygen bottle holder Holder for disposable gloves Disinfectant bottle holder Bin profile Drawer divider set Bracket for sharp safety container Fold-away work surface Waste bin Upright profile pair Top shelf for treatment trolley Accessory cart, multipurpose ABS storage box

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