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06. November 2018

Merivaara will demonstrate operating room solutions at MEDICA 2018

Merivaara is displaying innovative equipment and solutions in the leading international medical trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany from 12 – 15 November 2018.

Merivaara will again participate in MEDICA, the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry

“This is an important event for us,” says Jyrki Nieminen, Merivaara’s R&D director. “It is a great opportunity to meet our current partners, get their feedback and demonstrate our improved solutions. MEDICA is also the perfect place to meet potential new partners and show them how we can add quality and value to their operations.”

A new HD camera for the Q-Flow surgical light

One of the stars of the exhibition will be the Q-Flow surgical light. The design is optimised to reduce air flow circulation in the operating area, reducing the potential for contamination. The light gives superb colour rendering and includes Dynamic Obstacle Compensation, automatically adjusting to shadows in the light field. The Q-Flow has already won the prestigious Red Dot and Fennia Prize Grand Prix design awards, but recently Merivaara unveiled an additional benefit.

“We now have a high-resolution camera for the Q-Flow,” Nieminen explains. “Our R&D team has been working on this camera for two years. It has an unusually wide lens which gives better quality images with excellent colour reproduction for surgeries. We have had fantastic feedback from the first installations: they say it is the best surgical camera they have ever seen.”

The camera is wireless, meaning that it is easy to install on existing equipment. Many other surgical lights need to have the camera added when the equipment is initially ordered, but the Q-Flow’s camera offers the flexibility to be added later.

Improving operating room efficiency

The participants at MEDICA will also get to learn about the OpenOR integrated operating room management system. The open architecture system integrates operating room devices, data and image management in order to enhance the usability of operating rooms.

Additionally, participants can discover other ways Merivaara enhances operating room efficiency, aiming for perfection through innovation, design integrity and ease of use. The goal is to give medical staff time to concentrate on people throughout the lifecycle of their operating rooms.

Advanced lifecycle management

“We are continuously working to provide better solutions for lifecycle management of operating rooms,” Nieminen continues. “We offer better data-driven services to improve efficiency, boost quality and save costs in a hospital.”

“We are constantly looking for innovative customers who wish to take next steps in their own operating room efficiency development. We can help define what you need, collaborate with you in design, implement the solutions and provide constant care throughout your lifecycle,” Nieminen says. “Everyone at MEDICA is invited to stop by and see what we have to offer.”

For further information:

  • Jyrki Nieminen, CTO, Merivaara Corp.
  • Mobile: +358 40 843 9755
  • Email: jyrki.nieminen(at)

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