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26. August 2013

Merivaara to deliver operating tables to new surgical education centre in Tampere

The Finnish company Merivaara Corp. will deliver operating tables to the new, state-of-the-art Surgical Education Centre to be opened this autumn on the premises of Tampere University Hospital (TUH). Based on new teaching methods, the centre will be used for teaching purposes by the University’s Medical School and for the further training of surgeons and other health care personnel. As centre of excellence in the field, it provides health care professionals with the unique opportunity to practice surgical operations in an environment that simulates real-life conditions.

The most important objective for the education centre is to improve patient and product safety in clinical work. The progress of medical science and technology also increases the importance of further professional training. A simulated operating theatre environment enables thorough and extensive training in various areas, such as the use of implants, instruments and imaging methods. A central element is the use of cadaver specimen workshops.

The premises have been built to match a real operating theatre environment. Merivaara will deliver eight operating tables with accessories to the education centre.

“The use of optimal patient positions is an important part of the training, which is why the operating tables must be adaptable for procedures used in many different specialised fields. Merivaara’s tables are flexible and therefore very suitable for this purpose,” says orthopaedist Petri Sillanpää, the project manager for the education centre.  

The co-operation also helps to promote patient and product safety. The tables are designed and manufactured by Merivaara in Finland.

“A further positive aspect is that Merivaara actively develop and improves its products. Our co-operation enables a more efficient feedback process between clinical expertise and the manufacturer, which contributes to product safety.”

Training activities will start in October. The partners behind the education centre are the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, FinnMedi Oy, the University of Tampere School of Medicine, the Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). The education centre will be supervised by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). The National Advisory Board on Social Welfare and Health Care Ethics ETENE has also been involved in the planning of the centre, as ethical questions and respectful treatment of the deceased play a key role in the centre’s activities. The funding granted by the European Regional Development Fund played an important role in the launching of the Surgical Education Centre.

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