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27. January 2014

Merivaara OpenOR helps Mehiläinen hospital improve their level of patient care

Merivaara OpenOR™ integrated operating room management system improves the usability of the newly renovated Mehiläinen Töölö hospital surgical department and helps raise the clinic’s patient care to a new level.

Mehiläinen Corporation is a highly respected healthcare service provider in Finland, with several facilities around the country. With around 5,000 surgical operations performed every year, their hospital in Töölö, Helsinki, is one of the biggest private surgical units in Finland. To enable more efficient patient care based on evidence based practice, they decided to update their image documentation processes and usability of their operating theatres during the renovation project. All operating theatres have been now fitted by the new Merivaara OpenOR, which has already excelled in all expectations of the personnel.

– Our aim was to raise the level of care by improving the documentation of surgical and patient imaging.  Seeing the diagnostic pictures during surgery and the findings immediately afterwards is vital for the surgeon and patient. They are also often referred to during control visits at later date. It is therefore important that the pictures are available in all of our reception points around the country. All this has worked very well after introducing the OpenOR system into use. It is now quite difficult to imagine working without this facility, Orthopaedist and Chief Surgeon, Professor Jari Salo says.

Forerunner needs the best partners

Mehiläinen Töölö hospital is in many respects a forerunner in Finland. Its service concept has, for over a century now, been based on principles of trust, safety and care. High level of expertise in orthopaedics, and in cartilage diagnostics, trauma surgery and demanding foot surgery, in particular, as well as in cardiovascular surgery requires the same level of quality from the equipment and technology in use. This mutual reliance is supported by long cooperation with Finnish healthcare technology experts such as Merivaara.

Merivaara began updating the Mehiläinen operation theatres according to the wishes and requirements of the hospital.  OpenOR was going to be installed without any interruption to the operating procedures.

– Close cooperation with the customer made this possible. Integration with the current systems, the installation and testing was carried out jointly with the hospital's own IT and imaging department. As operation theatres came available, each OpenOR system was moved into its final destination, electrical engineer Esko Hyvärinen describes.

Practically, the installation of each OpenOR took only a day per operating theatre.

– One can easily say that is an accomplishment hard to match, he continues.

Easy to use management system tailored for customer needs

Merivaara OpenOR operating room management system is developed in cooperation with surgeons, nurses and other health care professionals. The central aim is to enhance ease-of-use and to create an open architecture management system allowing easy integration with current equipment from any manufacturer. OpenOR enables operating room personnel to control, record and edit picture and video material from several sources as well as to consult and teach remotely in real-time. It further offers practical tools for improved patient safety, like the dynamic checklist feature for surgical teams. User-friendly interface is available in range of languages, including English, German, Italian, Swedish and Russian.

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