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19. December 2018

Season's greetings!

This year Merivaara is helping children around the world with UNICEF whos main goal is to ensure basic rights, such as health, education, equality and safety, to each and every child.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

17. December 2018

Merivaara appoints Mr. Aarne Aktan as Interim CEO of the Merivaara Group

The Board of Directors of Merivaara Oy has appointed Mr. Aarne Aktan, M.Sc. (Econ.) as Interim CEO of the Merivaara Group as of 10 December 2018.

7. December 2018

Merivaara is proud to be part of the best Children's Hospital in the world

A New Children's Hospital opened its doors in autumn 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. The aim was to build the best Children's hospital in the world. Merivaara proudly delivered not only operating room management systems but also examination and minor surgical lights, pendants, hospital beds and bedside cabinets to Children's Hospital in order to provide the best care in the world for the little patients. 

5. December 2018

Three Finnish companies seeking significant growth as an operating room manufacturer

Finnish companies Hermetel, Merivaara and Halton (known together as Inoroom) joined their forces approximately three years ago. The company consortium has made a deal of Millions with Kymenlaakso central hospital in Finland.

3. December 2018

Health Technology with a Human Touch

Hygiene is vitally important in so many industries, but especially in the health sector. Hospitals are there to make sick people better, not worse. Cleanliness is a concern in every area of the building, but is definitely a matter of life and death in the surgical wing. Merivaara Corp., headquartered in Finland, began providing the market with hospital beds in 1901. Today, the company is a pioneer in digital technologies for the operating room and elsewhere. Offering clients innovative products in a multitude of health-related niches allows Merivaara to be a full-service firm for its valued customer base.

5. September 2018

The first central hospital supply from Inoroom: 14 operating rooms to Kotka

Inoroom will supply all of the operating rooms for the new Kymenlaakso central hospital under construction in Kotka. The agreement concluded with Carea Sairaalat Oy covers 12 high-quality general operating rooms for demanding surgery and two hybrid rooms equipped additionally with large imaging devices.

8. May 2018

Merivaara appoints Mrs. Leena Viljo as group CEO

The Board of Directors of Merivaara Oy has appointed Mrs. Leena Viljo (48) LL.M., MBA as CEO of Merivaara group as of 7 May 2018.

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