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24. August 2021

Designing innovative solutions for better healthcare and a healthier population since 1901

The world of healthcare technology, medical devices, and equipment is rapidly becoming an innovative and life-changing space, emphasizing affordability, accessibility, and efficiency. 

7. May 2020

Smarter Practico awarded Fennia Prize Honourable Mention

The Merivaara Smarter Practico operating table has been awarded the Fennia Prize Honourable Mention, which is one of the most recognized awards of the design sector in Finland. 

17. March 2020

How to communicate with us during the Covid-19 virus epidemics

Because of the current situation with the Covid-19 virus, Merivaara personell will not be making any unnecessary visits to our customers, or visit conferences in high risk countries that could result in the further spread of the virus. Read here more how you can communicate with us during these challenging times.

5. March 2020

Merivaara is aware of the corona virus infection risk

At the beginning of the year, a new coronavirus has been identified that causes influenza-like respiratory symptoms. Symptoms may include fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, headache and myalgia. Some people who are infected can also get pneumonia.

5. November 2019

Pia Westman appointed to Merivaara Group’s board

Pia Westman (born 1965) appointed to Merivaara Group's board.

17. September 2019

Merivaara appoints Mr. Juha Taimisto as Interim CEO of the Merivaara Group

The Board of Directors of Merivaara Oy has appointed Merivaara COO Mr. Juha Taimisto, M.Sc. (Eng.) as Interim CEO of the Merivaara Group as of 16 September 2019.

27. June 2019

At the heart of the hospital

Operating room innovation house Merivaara strengthens its position at the heart of the hospital by bringing new technologies to improve OR efficiency, comfort and safety for clinical staff and patients. The technology leader in operating room integration systems and surgical lighting is now striving for excellence with the launch of two new operating tables Practico and Promerix.

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