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We are striving for perfection in the operating room
through innovation, design integrity and ease of use.


Constant care through lifecycle services

Merivaara Services™ offer an extensive care from predictive maintenance to user training and recycling. Merivaara Intelligence™ ensures a constant optimizing and efficiency information to create a better hospital environment.


We create the understanding through collaboration

Merivaara investigates, consults and collaborates together with hospitals to offer comprehensive solutions. We define needs together.


Comprehensive Merivaara Service™

Merivaara Service™ provides comprehensive implementation services
to build a high quality and operation centred operating rooms. We train professionals and make sure that Operating Rooms are ready for use.


We design together for your needs

Merivaara Solutions are designed together with hospital professionals.
We start from analyzing the current state to ensure the most functional solutions for hospital environment.

Our goal is to give you time to concentrate on people
throughout the lifecycle of your operating room.

When developing and designing Merivaara solutions, we focus on getting a better understanding of the demanding environment of the healthcare personnel.

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